Supporting men - better wellbeing and stronger relationships

Counselling for men

We provide hope to men in the community by providing judgement-free, male-centric and future-focused services.

Our counselling services are generally 1:1 for men, however we do provide counselling for women and children connected to men. 

The counselling supports you to work through distress and anxiety related to:

  • Relationship breakdown
  • Access to children
  • Isolation and feeling like you are not coping and alone
  • Lack of purpose in life
  • Inability to manage your emotions in important situations such as at home, work and with friends.

Counselling provides a safe place to talk about the concerns and stressors. Former clients indicated that MISA counselling combined with your persistence and strengths will lead to: 

  • Better self awareness
  • Better awareness of the needs of others
  • Better relationships
  • Better skills in controlling emotions
  • Better decision making under pressure

"From the first point of contact, I felt accepted and not judged.
Stress and hopelessness is no longer in the drivers seat."

(Jason 47yrs old)

Transformation 24/7 Workshop

Transformation 24/7 is a 12 session workshop where you can learn about yourself and how to change what isn’t working. Do you want to?

Stop hurting your loved one/s

Manage your strong and unhelpful emotions

Learn new ways to express yourself

Create a better way of life for your partner, family and yourself

Act according to your inner values

This workshop teaches you knowledge and methods that will allow you to act in accordance with your values.

A certificate of completion is awarded on finishing the course which is recognised by the courts when behaviour change is mandated.

"When I started the workshop my life felt completely out of control.

I don't just react anymore, as I learnt to respond to by my values, rather than my hurts "

(Ravi 38 yrs old)

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