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Life does not always head in the direction we would choose. Issues relating to conflict, grief, mental health, financial pressures, children, partners, parents, transition and hardship can leave us feeling overwhelmed, alone, vulnerable, and powerless.

Counselling provides a safe place to talk about the concerns and stressors. Skilled counselling can facilitate change to allow you to remain focused on what you value and manage what life throws your way.

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Transformation 24/7 Workshop

Angry and abusive partners tend to be anxious by temperament. A consistent sense of dread that things will go badly and they will fail to cope causes a need to control their environment. The strategy of trying to control others fails to satisfy them for the simple reason that the primary cause of their anxiety is within them, not in their environment. It springs from a heavy dread of failure or fear of harm, isolation, and deprivation.

Learn to break the cycle with MISA's Transformation 24/7 Workshop.

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