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Business & Community Partnerships

Misa is involved with a number of organisations throughout the Greater Brisbane region. Among the users of our services are: Child Safety, Prince Charles Hospital, Community Services and Uniting Care.

Most recently we have entered into partnership with the Property development company, Peet, to deliver the Triple P program at their Warner Lakes development. This has been a great success and MISA is indebted to Peet for their generous contribution to our program.



MISA would like to thank the team at Martins for their work in helping us create a vision and website for the purpose of helping others. Martins have gone above and beyond what was asked and delivered a truly special website. Their efforts to revitalise and renew the MISA brand is truly spectacular. We cannot thank the team enough for their dedication and commitment in helping MISA make it commitment to the community.



To the Corporate Client and Business Owner.

Every day of every year there are people in the workforce who are in need of someone to talk to. More often than not that person feels more comfortable talking to someone not directly involved with the company or organisation. Misa is completely independent of any company or organisation and we are well equiped to help people in need. We would welcome the opportunity to let your employees or clients know that we are here if they need us.

Simply give us call or drop us a line and we will provide you with a range of materials to distribute across your organisation, to help your employees or clients connect with our confidential, professional support whenever they need it most.




Finally We would like to give a big thank you to Adrian from Adrianlemus.com Adrian was kind enough to donate his time and resources to help MISA develop and design our new look website. We recommend Adrian because of his dedication, experience and just downright damn nice personality. If you are looking for a website designer/developer then go no further than Adrian.